📍The future of local discovery

The video-based discovery platform built for Gen Z to show the best places in town, now 😊

Bye bye 1-5 star reviews 👋

Local discovery platforms are outdated, flawed, & biased. Slaps is based on:

Videos, images & live vids

Videos are far more informative than 1-5 star reviews tbh

Gen z specific categories

Categories like coolest vibes, most hipster, IG spots, food porn, etc

What's happenin' now

Live video to show you what's going on right now

Slaps shows you where it's bumpin 🎉

Other platforms are based on boring 1-5 star reviews and long written rambles, while Slaps lets you see the scene

Slaps tells you where the coolest vibes are 👓

It's funny how a quick 30 second video of a bar can say a whole lot more than a 1000 word review..

The go-to app for foodies 🥘

And event-lovers, bar hoppers, and all life enthusiasts :)


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